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Vibes and Views 3 – Summer 2019


For Helly Hansen’s gruelling trail Marathon ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Drive Creative Studio created a number of Facebook social media campaigns and apps.

The ‘Bring On The Beast’ campaign prompted the trail running community to show us their ‘game face’ ready for the Beauty and the Beast marathon, uploading photos to Facebook and voting for the contenders in the gallery that they thought really meant business.

As well as a shopping spree at, the winner would have their photo professionally retouched to make them look tough as nails and be made a Helly Hansen ambassador as the ‘face’ of the event in the run-up promotional activity.

Existing Helly Hansen brand ambassadors also featured as part of the ‘Bring on the Beast’ Facebook campaign promotion. We thought we would share a Photoshop breakdown of how we made adventurer Inge Solheim look even more macho than he already is! Maximise the video in HD for full detail.


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Brandon’s Mitzvah

Brandon's Bar Mitzvah

On the road to recovery, acceptance is the first step. If your work life has merged into the lane of your personal life or vice versa, you’re in need of a roadmap to productivity recovery. Take ours. We’ll show you the way.

Admitting You Have a Problem

While technology is undeniably incredible, sometimes it creates unproductive habits. If you’re working on a project but check your inbox every time it pings, the project will likely finish later than expected. We’re all guilty of it, but that’s no excuse to indulge in a bad habit. The remedy is to focus on the task at hand, not the 15% Seamless code that will still be waiting for you when you finish.

*For extreme cases of time killing, there are apps that track how much time you waste on by automating and providing a weekly analysis.

Get Into the Zone

Have you ever left your phone at home and brought a book to the park to read for an afternoon? It’s called “unplugging,” and gives you a chance to break-free from the chains of technology, even if it’s only for an hour or two. In the office, there are phones buzzing, meetings happening and lots of keyboard clacking going on, so sometimes your best option in getting in the zone is taking your laptop or docket of files to go through to the downstairs coffee shop.

Stop to Refuel

It’s important to recharge if you’ve been spinning your wheels. Typically, we begin the workday before we’ve even gotten out of bed, sifting through emails with half-closed eyes. To-do notes only intensify and grow as the day goes on. The same applies to social media. If you create a post in the morning, the likes and comments continue throughout the day. It’s overwhelming. You can, and should, recharge yourself before your device.

There you have it, the roadmap to productivity recovery. It’s not easy and certainly has its bumps, but the destination is worth the drive…just make sure to stock up on snacks.